Sophos Cloud

Quickly and easily secure your endpoints, mobile devices, and web gateway

Sophos Cloud is the only fully integrated security solution that protects your corporate IT infrastructure and all of your end users’ devices. We’ve integrated endpoint security, mobile device management (MDM), server protection, and secure web gateway into a seamless solution. The web-based management console lets your IT administrators monitor your security status through a single pane of glass view. With its intuitive user experience, Sophos Cloud is effortless to deploy, manage, and maintain.


  1. Secures your Windows, Mac, mobile devices, and web gateway with a single integrated solution
  2. Extends next-gen protection to all your end users’ devices
  3. Controls, secures, and reports on web activity with Cloud Web Gateway
  4. Advanced server protection with Server Lockdown
  5. User-based management, reporting, and licensing
  6. Protects users and enforces policy across devices, on or off the network
  7. Automatic software upgrades, threat updates, and real-time policy refresh
  8. Get up and running instantly

Integrated protection, unified console

Sophos Cloud sets the standard for how IT security should be managed—simply and effectively. Sophos Cloud brings endpoint, mobile, server, and web security together in a single, truly integrated management console—an industry first. Secure your organization, as well as all of your user devices and servers in just minutes. The intelligent management console uses color-coded indicators, providing details to each device’s status and your available actions.

Simply effective protection

Sophos keeps your business secure using next-generation protection that prevents, detects, and remediates both advanced threats and known malware. It does this using our innovative technologies, including behavior analytics, URL and download reputation, malicious traffic detection, and web and application exploit prevention. Our protection is backed by the global SophosLabs network of threat research centers, providing you with automatic updates and Live Protection. You also get complete application, device, and web control to ensure consistent enforcement of user policies.

Enable secure mobility

MDM in Sophos Cloud enables mobility for your users, keeping them productive, and your corporate data secure, while on the move. With one policy you can set up Wi-Fi and email access and enforce security settings. And, you get clear visibility on all devices and policies from a single, unified management console. An optional Mobile Security module protects Android devices from malware and other threats.

Enterprise-grade Secure Web Gateway

The web is the number one source of threats, with 80% of them coming from legitimate, trusted sites. Sophos Cloud Web Gateway combines advanced web protection with web content filtering. This union provides consistent policy enforcement on all of your PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, and mobile devices, anywhere your users might be. It offers rich analytics and reporting, granular policy controls, and data loss protection.

Our global network of datacenters and innovative “Fast Lane” technology optimizes traffic and speeds up your web connection by as much as 50%. And, when using our cloud-based gateway, the throughput is infinitely scalable, growing with your organization’s bandwidth consumption.

High-performance server protection with One-click Lockdown

Sophos Cloud Server Protection is the only solution offering cloud-managed server protection integrated with advanced anti-malware, HIPS, and server application whitelisting/lockdown. By simply clicking a button, you can lock down your servers in a safe state. Server Authority automatically establishes and manages trusted changes. Simply put, Sophos Cloud protects your servers and data from zero-day attacks. for proxy servers, VPNs, or application-specific configuration.

Customizable protection to best suit your needs

Sophos Cloud provides unified security from a single management console. At the same time, we offer the packaging flexibility, letting you choose the features and function that best fit your business needs.

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