Sophos Mobile Control

Mobile Productivity with Sophos Security

Sophos Mobile Control secures mobile devices and protects corporate data enabling employee productivity. Know that your data and network are secure, thanks to integration with Sophos’ endpoint, encryption, and network threat management capabilities.


  1. Containerize corporate email/calendar/contacts
  2. Secure collaboration with Sophos Secure Workspace
  3. Protect Android devices
  4. Empower users with Self Service Portal
  5. Monitor and enforce device compliance
  6. Remotely locate, lock, and wipe devices
  7. Distribute apps/ websites/documents to user
  8. Deploy with on-premise and SaaS options

Data challenge

The ever-increasing amount of data on mobile devices used by employees creates management and security challenges. Businesses are struggling to balance business productivity, diversity of mobile platforms, and employee demands for BYOD/CYOD. The pressure is on IT to manage mobile demands and enable mobile productivity.

Secure mobile devices—easily

Establish and enforce mobile security policies and monitor the device status. Automatic remediation assures your devices remain safe and corporate data secure. Leading antivirus detection for Android—as validated by AVTest— constantly updates for the latest threats.

Protect data on mobiles—simply

Isolate corporate and personal data on mobile devices with containers and encrypt all data on the mobile devices without impacting employee productivity. Corporate documents remain secure to ensure against data loss. So even when files are shared, placed on cloud storage, or distributed outside the company, they remain secure.

Keep everyone productive

Proactively manage mobile devices with an interactive dashboard which helps IT address compliance and device issues instantly. Users are empowered through the Sophos Self Service Portal, which liberates IT staff. Reduce your risk of data breaches by blocking network access for non-compliant devices. Visibility increases security, lowers risk, and maximizes productivity.

Sophos Mobile Control

Sophos Mobile Control is a leading Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution that secures mobile devices and protects corporate data without impacting employee productivity. Robust features include:

  1. Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  2. Mobile Application Management (MAM)
  3. Mobile Content Management (MCM)

Secure Containers for Your Mobile Devices

Simple containers. Strong security.: Containerization ensures the highest level of security while enhancing the user experience by separating business and personal data. Users can personalize their device usage while keeping their personal environment isolated from the corporate one. Precautions can be taken, including various levels of encryption to protect business data. Encryption protects the data within the container. File encryption can be added for an additional layer of security if files need to be shared outside the company.

Sophos Secure Email—Email Container: Sophos Secure Email provides a secure containerized solution for your email, calendar, and contacts. Corporate provisioned email and related calendar and contacts are isolated from other email applications on the device.

Sophos Secure Workspace—Content Container: Enable productivity in a secure way on your users’ mobile devices by giving them access to the documents they need. Employees can share and collaborate internally and externally and IT can assure that all corporate documents are protected and encrypted. And, our individual file encryption with SafeGuard enables safer use of cloud storage.

Native—OS Containers: Support for Native OS containers includes Samsung Knox and iOS managed.

Corporate browser: IT can provide secure browsing access to the most used corporate sites. Our corporate browser also supports single sign-on to corporate intranet sites and other frequently accessed websites.

Enduser Protection for Your Mobile Devices

Android Anti-malware and Web Filtering

  • Leading solution validated for 100% detection by AVTest
  • Automatically scans all newly installed apps for malware
  • Quarantines infected devices
  • Protects users from malicious websites and blocks web pages by category
  • Controls Wi-Fi, near-field communication (NFC), Bluetooth, access to app stores, and device encryption
  • Protection from potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) and low reputation apps

Integrated Network Control

  • Constantly monitors device health and detects jailbreaks, blacklisted applications, or insecure settings
  • Integration with Sophos UTM enables admins to block Wi-Fi and VPN access based on compliance status of the device
  • Out-of-the-box support for Checkpoint and Cisco ISE

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