Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise

Protecting the data wherever it goes

  1. Ensures productivity by securing sensitive data wherever it is stored: laptops, USB devices, network shares or even in the cloud, with minimal impact on performance
  2. Makes regulatory compliance easier with policy enforcement and reporting
  3. TProvides key management that lets authorized users share data securely and easily
  4. Save time using the central console for data protection policy definition and management
  5. Manages all devices in the organization from one place, including hard disks encrypted with BitLocker or FileVault 2 and Opal self-encrypting drives
  6. Uses the latest processor technology to make sure that encrypted machines are faster than ever

To stay productive, users access corporate data from any number of devices, regardless of policy. To keep your business data safe and compliant, our encryption solution protects your information across all platforms. Know that your data is protected no matter where it goes: on personal devices, in network file shares or in the cloud. Includes support for Windows 8, 8.1 and file and disk encryption on Macs. Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise is the complete encryption and data protection solution—from computers to networks, and the cloud.

Protect your information and manage compliance

We make it simple for you to manage your security policies and data protection effectively across your organization. You’ll be ready to comply with data privacy laws and keep the wrong people from seeing your organization’s confidential information.

Uses our single console to manage full-disk encryption, removable- media encryption, file-share encryption and cloud-storage encryption

Provides up-to-date security status for all your devices. Get reporting and auditing that lets you monitor and ensure compliance with internal policies and external regulations

Award-winning encryption

Benefit from our award-winning encryption that’s already protecting millions

Uses internationally recognized encryption standards for full hard-disk encryption

Allows multiple users to share encrypted computers without sharing their passwords

Encrypts data in the background so that protection doesn’t impact your users

Offers a fast initial encryption option that encrypts only the parts of your hard drives with data, saving you significant time when encrypting large disks

Stops unauthorized users from reading lost or stolen media

Ensures fast and secure authentication , using biometric fingerprint and cryptographic token support

Supports next-generation processors

Let users collaborate securely with key management

Our key management works behind the scenes. That means it’s easy for your authorized users to share data securely across PCs and removable media, while you maintain the control you need.

Manages storing, sharing, exchanging and retiring of keys from the central console

Enables easy data access and recovery during an emergency—for example, if a user's PC crashes

Allows secure and quick access to encrypted disks or files on other systems via automated key reassignments in the console

Stay productive with fast data recovery

Get back the time you’re spending on data recovery, even when your users forget passwords, lose their authorization or leave your organization

Lets users recover passwords quickly using challenge/ response questions over the phone or via a web portal

Allows users to recover forgotten passwords with local self-help, so they don’t lose time waiting for an admin to reset their passwords

Recovers broken operating system configurations on encrypted disks when using the external boot option with Windows PE

Deploy rapidly from one location

For central and unattended installation, use standard Microsoft Installer Packages to deploy SafeGuard Enterprise to your users’ PCs without any end-user involvement.

SafeGuard Enterprise Modules

Management Center

  1. Implements and enforces a common, organization-wide security policy framework, providing you with a central point of management control in mixed IT environments.

Encryption for Cloud Storage

  1. Encrypts files uploaded to cloud storage services from managed computers. We also include readers for opening these files on iOS and Android devices.

Device Encryption

  1. Transparently encrypts data on laptops, desktops and external media, protecting your users against unauthorized access, loss or theft of data.

Native Device Encryption

  1. Manages third-party security applications such as Windows BitLocker and Mac FileVault 2 drive encryption.

Data Exchange

  1. Ensures the secure exchange of data on removable media with your business partners and customers, even if they don’t have a SafeGuard application installed.

Encryption for File Shares

  1. Encrypts user data across workgroups. Protect your data on local drives and network servers, at both the file and directory levels.

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