Sopho Web Appliance


Protect users from new zero-day threats

  1. Be up and running in just 10 minutes
  2. Easily accommodates user requests and custom policies
  3. Extend protection to offsite users easily
  4. Email scheduled reports directly to managers
  5. Deploy hardware or VMware-Ready appliances

Advanced protection from web malware

Our advanced web protection engine intelligently scans web content and blocks the latest web threats. We accomplish this by using advanced techniques like JavaScript emulation, behavioral analysis, context-sensitive inspection, and dynamic URL analysis for both HTTP and HTTPS traffic.And unlike other web gateways, you get all this protection without sacrificing any performance.

The new Sophos Sandstorm enhances targeted attack protection, visibility, and analysis. Sandstorm complements our advanced web protection engine to quickly and accurately detect, block, and respond to evasive threats using powerful cloud-based, next-generation sandbox technology.

Granular web controls

You’ll be up and running in minutes with safe web browsing policies that minimize legal and workplace concerns around inappropriate content. With just a few additional clicks you can enforce browsing quota times. And, our new granular controls for social web applications like Facebook or YouTube let you disable specific features such as chat, games or comments.

Stop rogue users and enforce safe search

In addition to blocking common anonymizing proxy sites, we also dynamically identify proxy abuse in real-time, helping you put a stop to rogue users trying to bypass corporate policy. You can also activate safe search and monitor inappropriate search terms to keep your environment safe.

Rich reporting provides unrivalled insight

Detailed reporting is standard, stored locally with no separate database servers or appliances required. Whether you need standard user-activity reports or custom reports with extensive drill down for deep forensic investigations, the Sophos Web Appliance has you covered.

Extend your protection everywhere

Add Sophos Endpoints to extend your protection everywhere users go. The endpoint provides full web protection and policy enforcement off the network, with no need to backhaul traffic or use a VPN. Policy and reporting logs sync automatically via the cloud with your web appliance, so it’s like they never left the office.

Sophos Web Appliance Features

Security and Protection

  1. Intelligent scanning engine scans all code/scripts
  2. JavaScript emulation & behavioral detection
  3. Context-sensitive inspection improves phishing protection
  4. Dynamic URL analysis improves exploit kit detection
  5. HTTPS scanning with exceptions and certificate validation
  6. Automated threat updates, multiple times per day
  7. Real-time site reputation data from SophosLabs
  8. Live Protection (real-time cloud lookups)
  9. Automatically detects anonymizing proxies
  10. Sophos Sandstorm cloud-based, next-generation sandbox protects against targeted attacks

Policy and Control

  1. Policies by users or groups
  2. 56 site categories
  3. 37 file type controls with size limit options
  4. Allow, warn, block or govern by quota time
  5. Unlimited custom site categories (using site tags)
  6. Time-of-day and location-based polices
  7. Search term monitoring and safe search
  8. Granular controls over social web app features
  9. Basic DLP prevents posting to webmail and blog sites
  10. Tools for policy test and quota status reset

Deployment and Directory Service Integration

  1. Hardware or VMware virtual appliance options
  2. Automated Active Directory synchronization
  3. A range of user-authentication options
  4. Device-based authentication
  5. Transparent or explicit proxy operation
  6. Bridge Mode available with hardware appliances
  7. Protection for offsite users via integration with Sophos Endpoint
  8. vCisco WCCP support
  9. Load balancing across multiple appliances


  1. New high-performance proxy provides limitless connections
  2. Tunable web content cache


  1. Extensive reports with drilldown and cross-linking
  2. Traffic, Performance, Users, Search, Policy and Content reports
  3. New detailed User Timeline and Browse Time by User report
  4. Detailed User Activity search
  5. Automated report scheduling
  6. Exports report data to PDF or CSV


  1. Web-based management console
  2. Dashboard highlights key user, network, system and threat status
  3. Role-based administration
  4. Customizable alerts
  5. Automated backup and simple restore tools
  6. Central management via Sophos Management Appliance

Managed Appliance Service

  1. On-board monitoring of more than 50 system health metrics
  2. Remote monitoring by Sophos Support
  3. Automated, seamless system updates

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