Protect, track and control your files, wherever they are and wherever they go

Achieve security and governance of files throughout their lifecycles, inside and outside your network. Vaultize enables your team to store, access and share files securely & easily and, you to protect & manage them, with digital rights management (DRM), secure file sharing and continuous data protection.


  • Easy Digital Rights Management (DRM) for all users
  • Tracking & control of files and sharing
  • Industry-leading Data Compliance
  • Protection against Ransomware
  • Continuous online backup & restore
  • 256-bit AES encryption at source
  • Enterprise file sync and share for modern workforces
  • Mobile content management for secure mobility


The Vaultize platform is designed to protect enterprise data end-to-end - from external or internal threats, from accidental or intentional data leakage and, exposure. Vaultize offers secure and user-friendly solutions that enable teams to store and share files easily via any kind of device while giving IT and auditors complete visibility and control over those files.

  • Control: DRM protection - give and revoke access rights (view, edit, print, share, copy/paste & more). Powerful sharing controls at admin and user level. Full control of who, where, when, how & more.
  • Track: Track files and sharing by location, devices, users & more. Complete audit trail, regardless of where, when, how and who accessed the data. Powerful & flexible reporting and remediation capabilities.
  • Enable No need to trade security for freedom and productivity. Easily access and share files from anywhere, any device, at any time. Send larger files faster with built-in technology and built-in collaboration tools.
  • Protect Keep data safe & DRM-encrypted while it's stored and, during & after transit. Share & access without sacrificing protection. Data stays protected throughout its lifecycle, regardless of location.
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