Data Resolve

Our Commitment

We offer a mechanism through which customers can detect and tackle various kinds of sensitive activities pertaining to data loss and data theft. We provide a proactive approach to the organizations by facilitating the following:

  • User Behavioral Analysis, commonly known as UBA
  • Centralized Management Console for efficient management
  • Real Time-Based Incident Reporting via SMS Alerts
  • Email Based Daily Reports
  • Analytics via Cyber Intelligence Report highlighting the key sensitive data leakage scenarios with proof

Team Data Resolve advices to get an overall risk assessment index for your organization along with recommendations on improvisation of policies to minimize the risks detected through the report.

Data Leak Prevention

  • Stop Intellectual Property from getting stolen
  • Protect health records of patients
  • Protect personally identifiable information like Aadhar, Social Security Number, PAN, etc.
  • Protect Credit and Debit card information
  • Protect data regarding upcoming mergers and acquisitions
  • Protect strategy and planning data
  • Protect information about product launches
  • Protect sensitive design schematics
  • Protect unreleased and preview prints of upcoming movies
  • Protect confidential discount and coupon codes from being used in an unauthorized manner

Insider Threat Response System

  • Prevent competitors from getting hands on sensitive internal product data
  • Detect undercover employees working for competitor company
  • Track illegitimate activities of people working under third party contract
  • Prevent whistle-blowers from degrading integrity of the organization
  • Observe people working as business partners – contractors, suppliers and distribution channels
  • Detect serious cyber-crime offenders using the organization as a resident shield for global activities
  • Detect terrorism and anti-national criminals masquerading within the organization which pose serious military threat
  • Detect anti-social elements working within the organization which pose a serious social threat

Intellectual Property Theft

  • Prevent getting robbed of design ideas, inventions and plans
  • Stop all kinds of design files from being sent automatically based on content detection
  • Discover traces of intellectual property that might be hidden with the organization
  • Trace which people have access to what kind of sensitive information by detecting footprints of the same data
  • Protect authentic examination papers and research material from getting leaked
  • Protect confidential business plans and go-to-market strategies from being leaked
  • Protect patents, industrial design rights, trademarks, trade dress and trade secrets

Employee Monitoring

  • Find needed business information when employee is not available
  • Discover silently if an employee is working in the right direction
  • Be aware if the employee is handling sensitive data and how careful or careless he or she is about managing them
  • Prevent personal use of employer facilities and IT infrastructure which on larger scale could have massive operational and financial impact
  • Check for violation of employee policies that takes place through activities like sending abusive/offensive/racial emails or chats
  • Check for violation of known crimes like pornography, child abuse, racism, terrorism, etc.
  • Detect psychological stability of employees and how it is affecting rest of the team members
  • Investigate complaints of sexual harassment by effecting actual evidence
  • Check illegal and unauthorized installation of risky or pirated software
  • Increase bandwidth availability
  • Documenting bad employee behavior

Workplace Productivity

  • Figure out how and which resources your employees are using to work and proactively improvise
  • Find out the employees’ most productive period and most unproductive period in a day
  • Understand which employees are overworking and who are underworking
  • Decrease distractions occurring due to social media engagement, sports, online videos, etc thereby increasing overall team focus
  • Reduce peer distractions occurring in a team due to unsolicited activities
  • Better insights to evaluating employee performance
  • Detect daily dose of cyberslacking or goldbricking amongst your employees and variations across different departments

Employee Behaviour Investigations

  • Detect attitude problems
  • Find out the employees’ most productive period and most unproductive period in a day
  • Understand which employees are overworking and who are underworking
  • Detect false propagandas and weaponized information right from the point of origin
  • Detect cyber bullying
  • Investigate probable reasons for sudden performance drop
  • Have more insights into change in employee behaviours post annual appraisals
  • Gain intelligence into employee integrity by understanding how they treat company confidentiality
  • Detect causes of change in employee performance due to external issues
  • Monitor how your client facing employees actually interact with your priced clients
  • Detect if employees are exposing or forwarding confidential company information to family or near relatives
  • Detect if any employee is indulging in activities pertaining to unionism and internal conglomeration

Tracking Executive Positions

  • More useful to the board of directors in tracking individual CXOs and CEOs in a group of companies
  • Silently track activities of power positions within the company, specially hired top executives
  • Find out which CXO is going to exit in the next few months
  • Find out a defecting CXO who is silently passing out confidential company information to competitors at a price
  • Detect cases of insider trading and insider theft among CXOs and VPs
  • Give more insights to board of directors in case of what is being convinced during board meeting and what the reality actually is
  • Helpful in tracking CXOs in offshore offices and regions and their actual activities

Monitoring Exiting Employees

  • Effectively monitor activities of high risk employees who are in the notice period
  • Effectively control access to exiting employees thereby mitigating the range of sensitive data that they can send out of the company
  • Detect decrease in productivity and work hours during exiting period
  • Build chances of finding out if an exiting employee is disgruntled as well which might lead to organizational damage
  • Extend security and monitoring layer beyond workstations and laptops to mobile devices and handhelds being used by the exiting employees
  • Protect organizational confidentiality by monitoring employees more closely or as a team or as a group when mass layoffs happen
  • Safeguard your organization against employees who are fired and switch to revenge mode against the company
  • Enable a history check on employee’s previous activities after an employee resigns and detect signs of probable breach
  • Enable complete remote lockdown on end user laptop in case the employee flees away with the laptop or absconds.

Data Exfiltration Intelligence

  • By enabling effective application control policies, reduce chances of malware, trojans or unknown applications from sending out data unknowingly from system
  • Enable early detection of sensitive data across the network and apply consolidation measures to decrease impact area in case an internal attack happens
  • Build chances of detecting hidden Advanced Persistent Threats within the network and control data being send out by then
  • Stop usage of tunnelling applications like Tor within the company network which otherwise remains undetected at the UTM level
  • Enable secure sandbox on all your external devices thereby keeping all data within the company's endpoints
  • Completely eradicate chances of data theft when an external USB device is stolen or lost

Corporate Cyber Intelligence

  • Establish capability and process to detect internal threats arising out of employees and malicious applications
  • Build analytics targeted at reading the internal attacker’s real intent
  • Proactively discover what vulnerabilities and leak points an attacker might have access to during the course of operation
  • Develop and grow an intelligence plan by planning, collecting, processing, producing and disseminating essential organizational information
  • Define proper indicators of compromise and establish proper alerting for repeat offenders or attacks
  • Gain risk assessments on operational, compliance and productivity parameters to inject more power at strategic decision-making points
  • Gain access to various forms of reporting and analytics to be able to draw analysis and conclusions across teams, departments or geographies
  • Silently but effectively build reliability scores against every employee to be able to pre-evaluate assignment of specific employees to high sensitivity projects
  • Establish Employee Intelligence as a driving engine for HR evaluations and security evaluations thereby reducing the need to assess an employee over a short period of time
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