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Portable storage devices such as USB flash drives, external HDDs, digital cameras and MP3 players/iPods are virtually everywhere and are connected to a Windows PC, Macintosh or Linux computer via plug and play within seconds. With virtually every Windows, Mac or Linux workstation having easily accessible USB, FireWire and other ports, the theft of data or accidental loss of data is for individuals a mere child’s play.

Data theft or data loss or infecting companies’ computers or network through a simple connection is easy and doesn’t take more than a minute. Network administrators have little chance to prevent this from happening or to catch the responsible user(s). Now Endpoint Protector, through its Device Control module, helps companies to stop these threats.

As a complete Data Loss Prevention solution, Endpoint Protector not only controls all device activity at endpoints, but monitors and scans all possible exit points for sensitive content detection. Its second module, Content Aware Protection, ensures that no critical business data leaves the internal network either by being copied on devices or sent via the Internet without authorization, reporting all sensitive data incidents.

What is Endpoint Protector?

Endpoint Protector will help you secure your PCs endpoints within your network and screen all possible exit ways for sensitive content detection. You will be able to restrict the use of both internal and external devices which can be used for data storage and transfer and to manage Windows Mac and Linux ports.

Endpoint Protector, through its two main modules, Device Control and Content Aware Protection gives network administrators the control needed to keep network endpoints safe:

  1. Control use of all USB and other storage devices
  2. Tracking of what data is saved to storage devices
  3. Tracking of what data is copied from and to storage devices
  4. Scanning of all data transfers for sensitive content detection
  5. Complete monitoring of all possible data exit points
  6. Authorize the use of USB storage devices
  7. Securing data on USB storage devices
  8. Powerful reporting tool and audit

The modular and intuitive Web-based administration interface has been designed to offer fast access to controlling computer, devices and user behavior in a large network. It also offers several ways to track any kind of portable device related activity registered on the system. A detailed report including timestamps, file3 | Endpoint Protector | User Manual names, action(s) taken, logged user, etc. allows for pin-pointing malicious behavior and users.

The system’s design also allows the CoSoSys team to perform easy customizations and extensions requested by clients. Better automation and express reports can be developed accordingly to customer demands. In the same time this structure is easy to update and maintain, making the usability even greater.

Endpoint Protector is the only solution that gives companies of any size the ability to let users take advantage of the increasingly important functionality of USB and other ports without losing control over data and compliance.

This endpoint security device control solution is designed to control usage of all portable storage and to keep track of what data users are taking from and to their work computers on any kind of portable storage devices.

Furthermore, Endpoint Protector enables network administrators to monitor and report what data is introduced into the corporate network from a portable storage device such as prohibited materials (MP3s, movies or games) or harmful data like a virus that could jeopardize the networks integrity.

As not all portable storage devices are used with the intent to harm the company, many legitimate reasons commonly justify the need of such devices to increase network users’ productivity. Thus, Endpoint Protector allows authorized use of certain device types or specific devices such as the companies’ own USB Flash Drives to handle and transfer confidential data.

To ensure the protection of data carried by users on authorized devices, the Endpoint Protector administrator can allow users to copy work data only to a password protected / encrypted area of an authorized device, a so called “Trusted Device”. In this way confidential corporate data is protected in case of hardware loss.

Endpoint Protector creates an audit trail that shows the use and activity of portable storage devices in corporate networks. Thus, administrators have the possibility to trace and track file transfers through endpoints and then use the audit trail as legal evidence for data theft. For more details on Endpoint Protector, please see the Data Sheet available on the company’s website.


Main Features

Your confidential sensitive data is only as safe as your endpoints are. Designed for medium and large enterprises, Endpoint Protector offers powerful features in order to control, monitor and enforce network and endpoint security. Endpoint Security for Windows, Macintosh and Linux Workstations, Notebooks and Netbooks.

Endpoint Protectors full feature set is available for Windows. A reduced feature set is available for Macintosh (OS X) and Linux - Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and openSUSE 11.4.

Protects PCs from threats posed by removable portable storage and endpoint devices like USB Flash Drives, MP3 Players, iPods, digital cameras and other devices that could be intentionally or accidentally used to leak, steal, lose, virus or malware infect your data. Even self-executing devices like a USB Flash Drive with a CD-ROM autorun feature such as U3 Drives will not be accessible and thereby pose no threats.

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