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Security-as-a-Service Solution from InstaSafe®

InstaSafe® Technologies is a leading Cloud-based Security-as-a-Service solution provider delivering comprehensive and uncompromising protection to mobile and remote workers enabling them to safely and securely access enterprise apps, email and web from anywhere on any network.

Unlike appliance-based solutions, InstaSafe® offers

  • 1. A hardware-free
  • 2. Zero configuration
  • 3. Self-service style
  • 4. Fully redundant

Security-as-a-Service, which could be deployed in minutes with comprehensive reporting.

Enterprises Trust InstaSafe® Secure Access for Defence Against Breach

InstaSafe® Secure Access is a cloud delivered cybersecurity service, that protects high risk applications, against existing and emerging threat vectors. InstaSafe® SDP protects against cyber attacks like credential theft, server exploitation, man in the middle attacks by only allowing access from authorized users and approved devices.

Dynamic Cross-Platform Access Management and Control

A privileged Access Management system provides complete control and verifies user and device to who they say they are. This exponentially reduces the attack surface and contains zero-day vulnerabilities while securely connecting the right user to applications whether they are hosted in internal data centers or cloud based partners.

Monitor User Behaviour and Simplify Threat Analytics

Monitor and analyze threat patterns across all applications, networks, users, and devices. Identify user behavior patterns and stop threats by monitoring real-time.


  • Security Anywhere: Enforce same Cloud App Security inside or outside office. Cloud shadow IT efficiently.
  • Multifactor Authentication: Simplified Multifactor Authentication for user delight
  • Multilocation and Hybrid Cloud: Security technology that works with hybrid clouds across multiple locations.
  • Fast Onboarding: Simple onboarding of users and auto configuration of devices enables deployment in few days.
  • Single Pane View: Manage all application access in Public/ Private Cloud from a single place with detailed reporting.
  • Compliance: Device Security + User authorization + App access control leads to compliance with PCI DSS, NIST and others.
  • BYOD: Give your employees flexibility on device choice without compromising your security.
  • Device Checks: Quarantines affected systems, preventing them from connecting to the office network
  • Granular Access: Get granular access and reports to user info
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