Why Data Classification?

Data Classification is one of the most important ingredients for enforcing information security within an organization. Whether you are a private, public or government sector organization, the very basic need of data security is to identify and classify data which enables organizations to select and deploy appropriate security controls based on data sensitivity and increase effectiveness of their data security strategy.

  • Enhances Data Security
  • Enhances Compliance
  • Enhances DLP Performance
  • Reduces Chances of Accidental Leakage
  • Increases Data Security Awareness

Klassify Data Classification Suite

Klassify Data Classification Suite is the Dynamic Data Classification Platform which helps organizations to bring the data classification policy to its users and enforce them to apply appropriate classification on the data they are creating, sharing and storing, based on its sensitivity.

Data Classification with Klassify eases the obligations of organizations to comply with various regulatory compliances namely, PCI DSS, EU GDPR and many more, and helps to build a strong data security foundation by enforcing users to apply classification labels and protective markings to documents and emails, clearly identifying the sensitivity of information.

Data classification simplified with Klassify

Proper visual and metadata labelling of documents and emails

Embedded visual markings in header, footer and watermark encourage and educate users for proper data handling as per their organization’s information security guidelines

Enhanced effectiveness of solutions like DLP, IRM, etc. with metadata tagging

Manual/Auto/Suggested classification options to assure abidance with laws and industry standards

Allow users to classify documents at the point of creation

Restrict users from downgrading the classification based on sensitivity of document

Suggest most favorable classification to users based on sensitivity of content

Classify documents with Quick Classification

Directly right-click on a document to classify it

Define your own policies to safeguard your business critical information

Flexibility to generate customized rules and templates with keywords and patterns alongside pre-defined rules

Functionality available in MS office, MS Outlook, Microsoft OWA, Open Office, PDF, etc.

Bulk File Classification interface for multiple file classification

Select multiple files and classify in one go

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