CyLock MFA

CyLock MFA is a powerful, token-less, advanced Out-of-Band Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution which provides strong authentication & authorization mechanism using end users mobile devices

CyLock MFA is designed to protect user accounts, applications and devices. Organizations or individuals can protect their applications by using CyLock Multifactor Authentication (CyLock MFA)

CyLock Portal provides administrators with the ability to manage their users, protect applications and configure various MFA parameters.

To use CyLock MFA, users have to subscribe for a plan and register their details to gain access to CyLock Portal. Read the documents carefully before using CyLock MFA effectively.

CyLock Portal will allow organization administrator or individuals to manage their user accounts, protect applications, manage devices etc. The brief description of the functionalities is given in subsequent sections.