Scale-Out Capacity Storage

OneXafe® is a converged scale-out storage solution, unifying enterprise-class data protection with storage management. OneXafe simplifies data management, while delivering enterprise-class features and providing a comprehensive primary and secondary storage solution. StorageCraft is reimagining storage with OneXafe, a scale-out object-based storage solution that delivers the simplicity of NFS and SMB. OneXafe 4400 series delivers scale-out storage for TBs to PBs of unstructured data and backup targets. OneXafe’s unified architecture reduces management complexity and operational costs for storage. Additionally, it solves common storage pain points: complicated installation, cumbersome storage management, lack of data security and forklift upgrades. Without the shackles of a legacy storage architecture, StorageCraft’s clean-sheet approach combines OneXafe with OneSystem, an elegant multi-tenant cloud-based management service.

Scale-Out Architecture

Storage on the Go

OneXafe employs a seamless scale-out architecture supporting one or multiple OneXafe nodes in a cluster and a single global file system. OneXafe’s architecture enables enterprise features such as global inline deduplication, compression, and continuous data protection, organizations no longer have to allocate extraneous storage capacity dedicated solely for data protection. As business storage requirements change, OneXafe is extremely agile; simply add any number of disk drives, at any time, and in any capacity granularity to meet your storage requirements. OneXafe grows the global storage pool without any configuration changes and without any application downtime. No more fork-lift upgrades.

Dynamic Growth

Bring your own drives. No RAID, no LUNs, no volumes. OneXafe delivers the flexibility for organizations to mix-and-match drive types (SATA, SAS) and capacity within the same OneXafe node and within a OneXafe cluster. In two minutes and without reconfiguration, OneXafe automatically pools the new storage within the existing global file system. No disruption to applications or users. No configuration settings to complete. No mouse clicks. No command line entries. No storage PhD required.

Cloud-Based Management

OneSystem is a secure cloud-based management platform that proactively monitors, reports, and manages OneXafe in any location from any browser. Eliminating the need for dedicated servers and time-consuming software upgrades, simply login and gain the necessary insight into your storage infrastructure. Whether you have responsibility for a single location or multiple locations, OneSystem’s administration capabilities empower you to manage the entire storage infrastructure. Simply and securely.

Agile and Affordable

OneXafe’s agile ability to add storage at any time comes with the additional benefit of delivering significant cost savings. StorageCraft’s bring- your-own-drive philosophy treats drives as a commodity, enabling you to purchase drives at retail. Avoiding the 5-10x markup from legacy storage vendors quickly results in substantial cost savings compared to other storage solutions. Combined with OneXafe’s powerful inline deduplication and compression, storage utilization is maximized and waste is minimized.

Near-Zero Configuration

OneXafe can be installed and available to users in less than five minutes without reconfiguration – near-zero configuration. Simply insert at least three drives, plug in Ethernet, power, and turn it on. It’s that easy. OneXafe removes the burden of application downtime and configuration changes for nearly every storage management task, including replacing failed drives. To add more storage, simply add drives and the capacity is added to the same global file system. To increase availability or performance, additional OneXafe nodes can be added and automatically configured without interruption to applications or users. This provide organizations with nondisruptive scalability for their business.

Continuous Data Protection

OneXafe’s continuous data protection ensures that all of the stored information is fully protected. By taking continuous and unlimited snapshots of information that’s written to OneXafe, every file can be easily recovered in the event of data corruption, deletion, ransomware, or other errors. In fact, end users can recover their own information, simply by navigating through Mac Finder or Windows Explorer. No need to restore information from last night’s backup, simply browse and recover

Always-On Information

With its real-time replication, information stored in a OneXafe cluster is fully protected. By avoiding legacy RAID technologies, OneXafe transparently replicates and intelligently distributes the data objects across multiple drives within a failure domain and protects against both drive and OneXafe failures. Additionally, with its advanced architecture, information is protected against an entire cluster failure when replication over wide-area distances is implemented. OneXafe grows with your data protection requirements without requiring costly downtime, reconfiguration, or forklift upgrades.

Integrated Data Protection

OneXafe offers organizations the option to enable and configure enterprise-class data protection with secondary storage. It provides flexible deployment to accommodate various workload requirements. At the same time, it significantly reduces costs associated with primary and secondary storage as well as data protection software. OneXafe removes the need for siloed solutions, minimizes costs incurred from both standalone hardware and software solutions, and eliminates redundancy in management.

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