Neverfail continuity engine Pure DR+Switchover, Failover

Neverfail offers a High Availability & Disaster Recovery solution focused on continuous availability. To ensure continuous availability, Neverfail uses fully redundant servers including a Primary server and the Secondary server. Each server is capable of taking an active role or a passive role when servicing clients.

The servers can switch roles when the active server suffers any type of disruption or when you choose to do so manually, for any reason. Neverfail Continuity Engine monitors all the key components of the operations environment and can take action to correct a problem before users experience any type of outage.

Failover vs. Switchover

Neverfail Continuity Engine uses two processes to change the server role from active to passive and vice versa. These processes can be set to occur automatically or you can initiate them manually. Neverfail calls one a Failover and the other the Switchover. Users should detect no service disruption when either occurs.

Continuity Engine initiates a Failover when a hardware failure power outage or similar condition causes the active server to fail critically. With the active server unavailable, the Failover process changes the passive server to the active role. The new active server immediately begins servicing clients.

The Switchover gracefully swaps the roles of the two servers. The active server becomes passive and the passive server becomes active. Continuity Engine initiates a Switchover when a less critical issue occurs, such as networking, applications or performance problems. You can initiate a Switchover manually when desired.

Data replication

Data rollback


Hardware and system monitoring

Network monitoring

Performance monitoring

Application monitoring and protection